IcedNet LLC

IcedNet began as a side project eight years ago, and has become the gathering and focusing of decades of varied experiences.

Android Apps in the works!

DroidMap Beta (working title), an extension of the built-in Google Map, will allow you to collect your experiences and organize them on a map of the world. With Google Map, you can create waypoints or Spots anyplace you desire. With a GPS enabled phone, you can record moments in time with the ability to grab a photo or a video and make it a part of your Spot. With all of the options available on the Android platform at your fingertips, the choices for your personal DroidMap are endless.

GenericWebScraper is just that, a generic layout that can be styled and quickly adapted for any industry. I have been tasked with building apps for the Android platform that essentially live to give a business presence on the web a perfect fit on a mobile platform without having to utilize a browser. If you have data that lives on the web, whether for public consumption or a web-facing intranet, using a native mobile application for your mobile staff makes sense. Streamlining delivery to a few mobile platforms is far simpler than the headache of designing web delivery for a dozen flavors of browser.

MediaCentral - born of a desire to have a Media Player that has the features a mobile user requires: ease of navigation, Landscape/Portrait views that complement the player, the ability to keep you listening to your tunes, not tapping your phone!